Non-Union Roster


The Nexus Talent Group is a boutique talent agency providing both ACTRA members and experienced non-union talent for Film and Television auditions province wide.

Talent Agent Rob McCubbin has worked in Stage, Film and Television for many years.

Rob was a client of The Nexus Talent Group, and it was during this time he began working in a mentorship capacity with his agent, before eventually taking over the agency altogether.

Rob strives to extend personal attention to all of his clients, with a dedication to their career growth, and a focus on ensuring long term success.


(705) 477-0313

Talent Consultant Joshua Bainbridge offers annual workshops to all roster members to ensure a consistent and skilled talent base. Joshua is an Actor, Writer, Director, and works with ACTRA Toronto. Additionally, Josh teaches Film Acting at Canadore College.

TALENT CONSULTANT: Joshua Bainbridge

The Nexus Talent Group was created by James Calarco, who brings some 50+ years of industry experience to the agency.

He has worked as an ACTRA and EQUITY performer, Casting Director, Unit Manager, Producer, Director and Screenplay Writer.

Mr. Calarco has retired as a Talent Agent, and is currently represented by The Nexus Talent Group. He continues to serve the agency as a mentor.


ACTRA Members and ACTRA Apprentice Members of the Nexus Talent Group.