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Safe Sets COVID-19 (Level A) Certificate

It’s more important than ever to ensure we create the safest production environments possible, to protect everyone in our industry.

Our industry practices have changed. A collective of industry leaders, advocating for health and safety on set, are providing the resources which will aid our community, as we begin filming after the COVID-19 pandemic. This collective is focused on distributing helpful and well-researched information, verified by medical community partners.

“COVID-19 has shaken our industry to its core and forced us to reimagine what it means to be on set, and that will continue to evolve as we recover. We have partnered with medical and film industry leaders, creating a collaborative resource to increase safety measures from pre to post-production.”

-From Safe Sets International.

While information for this particular virus continually develops, the science behind infectious disease control is relevant to many viruses – from the common cold to pandemics – and should be adhered to, moving forward. Additionally, all rules and guidance from municipal, provincial/state, and federal government bodies must be followed.

Before returning to work, you will need to take the COVID-19 Certificate (Level A) Course. You’ll receive a Safe Sets™ COVID-19 Certificate upon completion of the test. The certificate demonstrates to your team and industry peers that you’re knowledgeable about upholding a safe production environment and that you value the crew’s health and safety.

Follow the link below to take the test and receive your

Safe Sets™ COVID-19 Certificate

Non-Union Roster


The Nexus Talent Group is a boutique talent agency providing both ACTRA members and experienced non-union talent for Film and Television auditions province wide.

Talent Agent Rob McCubbin has worked in Stage, Film and Television for many years.

Rob was a client of The Nexus Talent Group, and it was during this time he began working in a mentorship capacity with his agent, before eventually taking over the agency altogether.

Rob strives to extend personal attention to all of his clients, with a dedication to their career growth, and a focus on ensuring long term success.


(705) 477-0313

Talent Consultant Joshua Bainbridge offers annual workshops to all roster members to ensure a consistent and skilled talent base. Joshua is an Actor, Writer, Director, and works with ACTRA Toronto. Additionally, Josh teaches Film Acting at Canadore College.

TALENT CONSULTANT: Joshua Bainbridge

The Nexus Talent Group was created by James Calarco, who brings some 50+ years of industry experience to the agency.

He has worked as an ACTRA and EQUITY performer, Casting Director, Unit Manager, Producer, Director and Screenplay Writer.

Mr. Calarco has retired as a Talent Agent, and is currently represented by The Nexus Talent Group. He continues to serve the agency as a mentor.


ACTRA Members and ACTRA Apprentice Members of the Nexus Talent Group.